Friday, October 19, 2012

Video: David Brady, Coded Aperture X-Ray Scatter Imaging

David Brady, Duke University
Coded Aperture X-Ray Scatter Imaging

You probably recall that in Why do commercial CT scanners still employ traditional, filtered back-projection for image reconstruction? by Xiaochuan Pan, Emil Sidky, and Michael Vannier, it was mentioned that coded aperture could be used for X-rays as it could probably yield additional information if one were to use the ideas of compressive sensing. The central idea of compressive sensing, as you recall, is that the reconstruction solver actually use the fact that the field of view is sparse in some basis. Thanks to Greg and his start-up which enabled and sponsored the CMU Next Generation Medical Imaging Workshop, we had the pleasure of watching David Brady 's presentation on Coded Aperture X-Ray Scatter Imaging. The idea of coded aperture in x-ray in not new, see for instance the discussion we had with Gerry Skinner, a Specialist in Coded Aperture Imaging. However, the deconvolution step using the fact that the scene is compressible is. There is much to be worked out beyond the simple models shown in this video but I submit that with the right use of codes like MCNP or GEANT4, we ought to be able to extract much more information from X-rays than we currently are. 

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