Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cognitive Convergence

I am not blogging that much these days for several reasons. First, I am looking into how we can use some of the artificial intelligence techniques we are developing for the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge to diagnose and explore autism. I recently attended a talk by Hideki Kozima who uses of small robots like Keepon to evaluate the socialization of autistic kids. Take a look at the video here. After five to ten sessions with the Keepon, he could show the beginning of a joint attention development in autistic kids. This was very impressive.

I am also involved in the processing of the data we just received from our GeoCam on HASP. We have 4 GB of data to share with the rest of the world. We are developing a strategy on how to do this efficiently.

We are considering a run for the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge with Pegasus Bridge 1. Only this time, the mechanical aspect of the project will take a back seat to other technologies we are developing. We are interested in driver's gaze recording and supervised learning of road driving behavior. But more on this later...