Reproducible Research ( implementations )

On this page, you will find listed a series of implementations that were featured in the Nuit Blanche monthly reviews (through July 2013) starting September 2012 (and including also those featured in A Year in Reproducible Research in Compressive Sensing, Advanced Matrix Factorization and more from September 2011 to August 2012), and made available by their authors in the spirit of reproducible research.

This list will probably grow longer as I go back to include all the implementations I have listed on Nuit Blanche. One should also note that a majority of these implementations are also listed in the reference pages such as the Big Picture in Compressive Sensing for compressive sensing related matters, or in the Advanced Matrix Factorization Jungle for solvers related to matrix factorization and Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra.

Implementations up to December 2013

Compressive Sensing: Reconstruction and Acquisition
Compressive Sensing: Known Analysis Operator (TV,....)

Compressive Sensing: Synthesis Dictionary Learning 
Subspace Clustering and Tracking 
Manifold Learning
Matrix Factorization: Low Rank
Matrix Factorization: Robust PCA
Matrix Factorization: Matrix Completion
Matrix Factorization: NMF
Matrix Factorization: Sparse PCA
Matrix Factorization: Dictionary Learning:
Blind Deconvolution
Phase Retrieval
Linear Systems
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