Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Post-Docs Statistical Physics Approach to Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing at ESPCI in Paris

I got this from Florent Krzakala in my mailbox last night. If you recall Florent is one of the co-authors mentioned earlier herehere and more recently here.

Dear friends and colleagues, 
I would like to invite applications for two postdoctoral positions funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant program, in the context of the project SPARCS (Statistical Physics Approach to Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing) in my group in ESPCI in Paris. The appointments are intended to start in the fall of 2013 (or sooner) and will be for 2 years with a possibility of extension on 3 years.
The candidates can come from different areas (Statistical Physics, Signal Processing, Applied Mathematics, Error correcting codes, Information Theory, Inference and Machine learning) and are expected to bring their expertise. Successful candidates will thus conduct a vigorous research program within the scope of the project, and are expected to show independence and team working attitude at the same time.
For more information, please visit the post-doc announcement page:
Do not hesitate to spread the information around you. I apologize if
you receive this mail more than once.
Best regards,
Florent Krzakala

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