Thursday, October 25, 2012

A million here, a million there ....

I am still wrapping my head around that number: 1.5 million pageviews since 2010. What is the real reach out ? for all we know these pageviews could be the results of the Googlebot spider process hitting this site 1.5 million times. Here is a map of the delivery process for these 2317 blog entries
What about the actual impact ? As in many areas, this is a difficult question, I don't think I have a good answer, but with regards to :
  • Pageviews, one should expect a minimum of 100 pageviews per blog entry. For the maximum (outside of some outliers) one should expect about 500 pageviews. 
  • E-mail: this one is difficult as I have no way of tracking how many people clicked on particular items. At the very least, the blog entry received some 400 or so eyeball
  • Feeds: According to feedburner, at any one time, 1/4th of the readers looked at a specific entry (that's about 500)
  • Videos: the recent video by David Brady has gotten 72 viewers (a 40 minutes video) but from what I have seen, outside of some outliers, from 50 to 500 people can decide to watch a video as a result of being featured here. I have noted some statistics were being featured here actually provided a stepping stone to a much larger audience. Here is a list automatically compiled by YouTube of all the Youtube videos featured on Nuit Blanche.
  • Code sharing: I am making a targeted effort at putting code implementations in a single entry in order to provide focus. It works, see Brian King's recent reaction in the comment section featuring his toolbox. 

Use of the blog: besides information downloading and sharing: Some folks are providing feedback:
  • The blog itself has reached 53 Google +1s so far, while the Big Picture has 22 and the Advanced Matrix Factorization Page has 12.
  • One blog entry has reached 8 Google +1
  • This is the second time so far recently, that somebody has used the comment section to provide some anonymous peer review of a paper featured on the blog, I like it very much.
Let's see how those stats will be different when we hit 2 million page views!

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