Monday, October 29, 2012

Postdoc Positions, Graph Analysis or Compressed Sensing, Sandia, CA

Saw this on NA Digest today (a different call than the one we saw in August)
From: Tammy Kolda
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:38:42 -0400
Subject: Postdoc Positions, Graph Analysis or Compressed Sensing, Sandia/CA
Job Title: Postdoc, Graph Analysis or Compressed Sensing
Job ID: 641951
Summary: We currently have two openings for postdoctoral researchers in the following areas: (1) massive-scale graph analysis using MapReduce and (2) compressed sensing applied to problems of data compromise and robustness. The successful applicant will be expected to conduct innovative research, to develop open-source software, to present his or her findings at leading conferences and workshops, and to publish his or her results in leading journals. This postdoctoral position is for motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a background in computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or related areas.
Required: (1) Advanced degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) in computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or a related area, with a strong record of academic performance; (2) ability to work in a collaborative research environment; (3) evidence of relevant research expertise in the form of technical publications, presentations, software, and/or knowledge of applications; (4) software development competence in Java, C++, or a related language; (5) proficiency in solving problems, prioritizing work, and making decisions; (6) excellent written and oral communication skills.
Desired: (1) Expertise in one or more of the following areas: graph and network analysis, compressed sensing, linear algebra, parallel algorithm design, applied statistics, numerical optimization, computational combinatorics, cyber defense, power systems, image and network surveillance; (2) software engineering proficiency, especially Hadoop MapReduce and/or high-performance computing experience; (3) experience with standard research tools such as LaTeX, MATLAB, PowerPoint; (4) a background in solving practical problems in science and engineering that involve encounters with real-world data; and (5) evidence of professional service to the community, such as engagement in student service activities or seminar/workshop organization.
Supervisor: Tamara G. Kolda,
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