Friday, October 05, 2012

Meeting: Sparse Representations, Compressed Sensing and Applications

Here is a new meeting announcement thanks to Boris Mailhé

Dear Igor 
Mark Plumbley and I are organizing a 1-day workshop in London on "Sparse Representations, Compressed Sensing and Applications" on Mon 5 Nov 2012, as an opportunity to bring together a wide range of UK people interested in this area. We would be grateful if you could post this public announcement on Nuit blanche. The day will consists in one keynote talk and oral sessions. Confirmed invited speakers include:

  • Rémi Gribonval, INRIA (keynote speaker): "Sparsity, a value for the future?"
  • Stefan Bleeck, University of Southampton
  • Wei Dai, Imperial College
  • Boris Mailhé, Queen Mary University of London
  • Andy Stove, Thales UK
  • Jared Tanner, University of Oxford
  • Mehrdad Yaghoobi, University of Edinburgh
The workshop will be free to attend, however we do not have funding available to cover travel expenses for attendees. If you will be able to participate, please register on
More information on the venue, programme and accomodation possibilities is also available on the site.
Best wishes,
Boris Mailhé on behalf of the organization committee.

Thanks Boris for the heads-up ! A little historical note, there has been a considerable number of wars over this, but let's just say that as it currently stands, Brittany is not part of the UK :)

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