Friday, October 05, 2012

Join our Reddit Experiment, Join the CompressiveSensing subreddit and post there !

The idea for this experiment is to potentially break our collective filter bubble. We just reached 10 readers and at least one person has voted up a thread., Woohoo !

Think of it as a different conversation thread than the one we currently have on LinkedIn. On Reddit, you can be anonymous. Vote up or down threads. Perform a post peer review of a paper. As a moderator, and much  like the rule I use for comments on this blog I will not tolerate anything that is outside of a civil discussion. If I use a reference you post on this subreddit, credits will be given to you on the blog (given that you posted under your real name). If you use scrolldit, you may want to go directly here.

A way to make your thread interesting is to hype up the title as there is no need to be conservative to please your peers. It's Friday ....

.....Join our Reddit Experiment, Join the CompressiveSensing subreddit and post there !

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Anonymous said...

Hey good luck with the Reddit thing, but I'm not going to read it because it is a literal cesspool of creeps, perverts, and men's rights activists.

Igor said...

It's an experiment.

This subreddit is a haven since I control it.