Saturday, February 18, 2006

Multi-use of Google Maps

Google Maps Mania just featured Peter Pesti at Georgia Tech with his Google Maps Nighttime!. At the same time, Google also uses Google Maps to geographically target customers through their

Adwords program (here some of the screen grab of the application within Adwords).

On another note, if one were to have a very high resolution camera, one could shoot a high definition picture and use the same Google Maps interface to go into the details of that picture (like in the following game using Google Maps). More information on how to introduce a custom map into Google maps can be found in GoogleMapki. This possibility offers other avenues,. For instance, if one were to have an HDTV camera, one could patch different pictures from a scene (every picture is taken at 1/30 th second) and have the Google interface allow navigation through it. One cannot but think that a similar system would work well for Nat's world (a program designed to help Autistic kids know their environment by navigating through it.)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Safety is our job Number...errr... make that Number 6

Some time ago, two tankers collided off the French coast on the English Channel. Here is what happens when corporate speak does not mean what it should mean. This tanker sank with all its phosphoric acid payload. (here is another example)