Friday, January 16, 2015

The papers for ICLR 2015 are now open for discussion !

Seven papers that were recently featured here on Nuit Blanche have also been submitted to ICLR 2015 (they are all under the ICLR2015 tag). 

Others are listed here

If you are interested in commenting on them, here is how to go about it. From Hugo Larochelle Google Plus feed:

The papers for ICLR 2015 are now open for discussion!
(this requires an ICLR 2015 CMT account, which you can sign up for if you don't have one already...)
and from here:

The open commenting period for ICLR 2015 has begun.

This year we will be using CMT's public commenting mechanism, so to participate you must log in to the ICLR 2015 CMT site:

If you don't already have a CMT account, please request one.

The list of submitted papers, with links to arXiv, is available at

Please remember that comments will be visible to anyone who logs in to CMT. We intend to make the comments available on once they finish a major revision of their infrastructure. The anonymous reviews will be visible on CMT at the beginning of the discussion period, and will also eventually be made available on

If you want to know what is meant by open commenting, please see this description of the ICLR reviewing model:

If you have any questions, please send them to 

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