Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ce Soir / Tonight: Paris Machine Learning Meetup "Hors Série" 2 (Season 2) Data Science for Non-Profits

Tonight, we will have our first meetup featuring a number of projects by non profits (Universities, NGOs, Foundations, Open Source Projects...) that could be helped by Machine Learning. For this round, we identified five different projects developed by these non profits. The idea of this "Hors Série" is to be exploratory in nature. Some of these projects are very machine learning oriented whereas others have not yet indentified how Machine Learning could help.

Our host is The meetup starts at 7:00PM Paris time.

Our speakers: 
Paul will talk to us about one project at:, a YCombinator-backed non profits, featuring dispatching ambulance services in SF. Frederic will provide us infos on an issue with fishing and fishing nets and will probably discuss how there can be some data driven initiatives in that area. If you recall Jean-Philippe presented S.A.R.A.H last year, a project for home automation (think Internet of Things), this time we asked him to come back and tell us how to design plugins so that people can (when they want to) share in-house data in the cloud for scientific investigations. Isabelle, one of the people behind the SVM 92 paper cited 6250 times, will talk to us about the ChaLearn Automatic Machine Learning Challenge (AutoML) that aims performing Fully Automatic Machine Learning without ANY human intervention. And finally, we'll have Emmanuel who will talk to us about The Zero Resource Speech Challenge.

The meetup will be streamed online (see below), presentation are likely to be in spoken French but the slides will be in English.

Speakers (presentations will be available before the start of the meetup and eventually will be made available on the Paris Machine Learning Archives)

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