Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Morning Videos: Videos and Slides of the 2014 Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional (SAHD) meeting

We have mentioned the SAHD meetings in the past few years ( check the SAHD tag ) , I just saw the following on Yann LeCun's twitter feed:

From the page:

Welcome (video)

Miguel Rodrigues and John Shawe-Taylor (UCL)

Robert Calderbank and Lawrence Carin (Duke U.)

Conjugate gradient iterative hard thresholding for compressed sensing and matrix completion (video, slides)
Jared Tanner, University of Oxford

Breaking the coherence barrier - A new theory for compressed sensing (video, slides)
Anders Hansen, University of Cambridge

Optimal compressive imaging for Fourier data (video, slides)
Gitta Kutyniok, Technical University of Berlin

Visual pattern encoding on the Poincaré sphere (video, slides)
Aleksandra Pizurica, Ghent University

Tracking dynamic point processes on networks (video, slides)
Rebecca Willett, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Deep Gaussian processes (video, slides)
Neil Lawrence, Sheffield University

Mondrian forests: Efficient random forests for streaming data via
Bayesian nonparametrics (
video, slides)

Yee Whye Teh, University of Oxford

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Learning (video, slides)

Yann LeCun, Facebook and New York University

NuMax: A convex approach for learning near-isometric linear embeddings
Richard Baraniuk, Rice University

Beyond stochastic gradient descent for large-scale machine learning (
video, slides)
Francis Bach, INRIA

Living on the edge: Phase transitions in convex programs with random data (video, slides)
Joel Tropp, California Institute of Techology

Building an automatic statistician (video, slides)
Zoubin Ghahramani, University of Cambridge

Variable selection in high dimensional convex regression (slides)
John Lafferty, University of Chicago

High-dimensional learning with deep network contractions (video, slides)
Stéphane Mallat, Ecole Normale Superieure

Industry Session: Big Data - Challenges and Opportunities (video)
Moderators: Robert Calderbank (Duke U.) and Patrick Wolfe (UCL)
Panelists: Christophe Bernard (Winton Capital), Christoph Best (Google), Thore Graepel (Microsoft Research), Gabriel Hughes (Elsevier), Yann LeCun (Facebook)

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