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Proceedings: Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing (BASP) Frontiers Workshop 2015

The ski report lists Avalanche Level is rated "Considerable Danger" so it might be wise to stay warm and talk real science.

Here is the program:

Sunday January 25, 2015
13.00 - 14.30    Aperitif and standing lunch
13.30 - 14.00    Lunch
14.00 - 15.45    Free time
15.45 - 16.00    Workshop opening
16.00 - 17.00    Conference introduction talk: Prof. A. Lasenby, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge
"The Search for Gravitational Waves in the Early Universe"
Considerable excitement was caused in March 2014 by the announcement of a detection by the BICEP2 experiment of gravitational waves in the early universe via their effect on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). These gravitational waves imprint themselves into a particular mode of polarisation of the CMB, and measurement of their amplitude would finally reveal the energy scale at which inflation took place, as well as providing direct evidence that it actually occurred. It would also represent the farthest back in time we could ever look, and the large amplitude as discovered provides a point of contact with string cosmology and other theories of the early universe, and has stimulated much theoretical work following the announcement of the discovery. This talk will look at the background to the experimental results, the theoretical implications of the range of possible amplitudes and also the latest information from the Planck Satellite, which as well as measuring the CMB itself, provides important information on the possible foreground contamination in the results.
17.00 - 17.30    Coffee
Session: "Successes and Opportunities in Medical Imaging"
17.30 - 19.45    Talks
17:30    Shreyas Vasanawala    Quantification in Cardiovascular MRI
18:05    Gregory Kicska    Digital Chest Tomosynthesis: Clinical Applications and Technical Obstacles
18:30    Charles Hennemeyer    Coming Challenges in Medical Device Development; Alternative, Counter-Current Ideas in Disease Physiology May Provide Ideas for Medical-Device-Based Solutions that will Run Countercurrent to Existing, Drug Based Therapies
18:55    Pejman Ghanouni    MR Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
19:20    Martin Holler    ICTGV regularization for image sequence reconstruction of accelerated dynamic MRI
19.45 - 20.30    Deluxe posters and aperitif
Stephen Cauley    Hierarchically Semiseparable Generalized Encoding Matrix Compression for Fast Inverse Imaging
20.45 - 22.15    Dinner
Monday January 26, 2015
07.00 - 08.00    Breakfast
Session: "Signal Processing in Cosmology"
08.00 - 10.15    Talks
08:00    Benjamin Wandelt    3-D, physical image reconstruction in cosmology
08:35    Alan Heavens    Standard rulers, candles and clocks: measuring the BAO scale model-independently.
09:00    Boris Leistedt    Analysing the polarisation of the CMB with spin scale-discretised wavelets
09:25    Rita Tojeiro    Surveying the Universe - the past, present and future of galaxy redshift surveys.
09:50    Roberto Trotta    Bayesian hierarchical models for supernova cosmology
10.15 - 11.00    Deluxe posters and coffee
Paul Hurley    Gridding by Beamforming
Vijay Kartik    Dimension embedding for big data in radio interferometry
Ian Harrison    Challenges in Radio Weak Gravitational Lensing
11.00 - 17.00    Free time and extra activities 2
17.00 - 17.30    Coffee
Session: "Sparsity 2.0: New Trends in Sparse Approximation, Sparsity-based Signal Models and Algorithms"
17.30 - 19.45    Talks
17:30    Anna Gilbert    Sparse Approximation, List Decoding, and Uncertainty Principles
18:05    Michael Elad    SOS Boosting of Image Denoising Algorithms
18:30    Mike Davies    Compressed Quantitative MRI using BLIP
18:55    Miguel Rodrigues    Compressed Sensing with Prior Information: Theory and Practice
19:20    Pier Luigi Dragotti    A ProSparse Approach to find the Sparse Representation in Fourier and Canonical Bases
19.45 - 20.30    Deluxe posters and aperitif
Hanjie Pan    Annihilation-driven Image Edge Localization
Jon Oñativia    Sparsity According to Prony: From Structured to Unstructured Representations and Back
Enrico Magli    Fast IRLS for sparse reconstruction based on gaussian mixtures
Jonathan Masci    Sparse similarity-preserving hashing
20.45 - 22.15    Dinner
Tuesday January 27, 2015
07.00 - 08.00    Breakfast
Session: "Neuro and Quantitative Imaging"
08.00 - 10.15    Talks
08:00    Peter Basser    Opportunities and Challenges in Brain Mapping with Diffusion MRI
08:35    Jürgen Reichenbach    MR Susceptibility Imaging and Mapping
09:00    Kawin Setsompop    Wave-CAIPI for an order of magnitude acceleration in MRI acquisition
09:25    Sebastien Equis    4D in Bio-microscopy: Marker-free Live Cell Tomography
09:50    Kathryn Nightingale    Quantitative Elasticity Imaging With Acoustic Radiation Force: Methods and Clinical Applications
10.15 - 11.00    Deluxe posters and coffee
Chantal Tax    Towards Quantification of the Brain’s Sheet Structure in Diffusion MRI Data
Noam Shemesh    Cellular microstructures revealed by Non-Uniform Oscillating-Gradient Spin-Echo (NOGSE) MRI
Noam Ben-Eliezer    Non-Analytic Model-Based Reconstruction for Accelerated Multiparametric Mapping in MRI
11.00 - 17.00    Free time and extra activities 2
17.00 - 17.30    Coffee
Session: "Radio interferometric deconvolution and imaging techniques, from CLEAN to CS to Bayesian"
17.30 - 19.45    Talks
17:30    André Offringa    Radio interferometric imaging for the SKA and its pathfinders
18:05    Rafael Carrillo    Why CLEAN when you can PURIFY? A new approach for next-generation radio-interferometric imaging
18:30    Jean-Luc Starck    LOFAR and SKA Sparse Image Reconstruction
18:55    Henrik Junklewitz    RESOLVE: A new algorithm for aperture synthesis imaging of extended emission
19:20    Arwa Dabbech    MORESANE: a sparse deconvolution algorithm for radio interferometric imaging
19.45 - 20.30    Deluxe posters and aperitif
Daniel Muscat    The Malta-imager: A new high-performance imaging tool
Ludwig Schwardt    Fast Phase Transition Estimation
Jonathan Kenyon    PyMORESANE: Pythonic and CUDA-accelerated implementations of MORESANE
Oleg Smirnov    Accelerated facet-based widefield imaging
Malte Kuhlmann    Imaging Uncertainty in Radio Interferometry
20.30 - 20.45    Workshop picture
21.00 - 22.30    Dinner
Wednesday January 28, 2015
07.00 - 08.00    Breakfast
Session: "Modern Scalable Algorithms for Convex Optimization"
08.00 - 10.15    Talks
08:00    Jean-C. Pesquet    Proximal Primal-Dual Optimization Methods
08:35    Carola Schönlieb    Optimising the optimisers - image reconstruction by bilevel optimisation
09:00    Amir Beck    On the Convergence of Alternating Minimization with Applications to Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares and Decomposition Schemes
09:25    Jakub Konecny    Semi-Stochastic Gradient Descent Methods
09:50    Julien Mairal    Incremental and Stochastic Majorization-Minimization Algorithms
10.15 - 11.00    Deluxe posters and coffee
Quoc Tran-Dinh    A Primal-Dual Algorithmic Framework for Constrained Convex Optimization
Aurélie Pirayre    Discrete vs Continuous Optimization for Gene Regulatory Network Inference
Vassilis Kalofolias    Enhanced matrix completion with manifold learning
Mehrdad Yaghoobi    Non-Negative Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
11.00 - 17.00    Free time and extra activities 2
17.00 - 17.30    Coffee
Session: "Rapid and Multidimensional Imaging"
17.30 - 19.45    Talks
17:30    Zhi-Pei Liang    Multidimensional Imaging: A Path to High Resolution and High Speed through Subspaces
18:05    Ricardo Otazo    Low-rank plus sparse dynamic MRI: separation of background and dynamic components and self discovery of motion
18:30    Nicole Seiberlich    Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Beyond Parameter Mapping to Clinical Application
18:55    Guang-Hong Chen    More is indeed different
19:20    Ge Wang    Imaging with X-ray Modulated Nanoparticles
19.45 - 20.30    Deluxe posters and aperitif
Jong Chul Ye    Semi-Analytic Iterative Framework for TV Penalized Cone-beam CT Reconstruction
Kelvin Layton    Spatial encoding with generalised magnetic field shapes
20.45 - 22.15    Dinner
Thursday January 29, 2015
07.00 - 08.00    Breakfast
Session: "Astrostatistics: Bayes and machines"
08.00 - 10.15    Talks
08:00    Michael Hobson    Neural networks and accelerated Bayesian inference
08:35    Martin Kunz    Bayesian Inference for Radio Observations
09:00    Thomas Kitching    Weak Gravitational Lensing
09:25    Aaron Robotham    Optimal deblending and stacking across multi-band surveys using LAMBDAR
09:50    Ewan Cameron    On functional regression-based emulators for faster Bayesian inference from computational simulations
10.15 - 11.00    Deluxe posters and coffee
Alan Heavens    Astrostatistics and Brain Imaging
Dovi Poznanski    Studying the Milky Way via stacks of low S/N spectra
Jean-F. Robitaille    Multiscale analysis of Galactic dust emission
Michelle Lochner    Bayesian Inference for Radio Observations: Source Separation
Raul Jimenez    Analytic PDFs for non-gaussian processes: towards a full bayesian analysis
11.00 - 17.00    Free time and extra activities 2
17.00 - 17.30    Coffee
Session: "Statistical Methods in Imaging"
17.30 - 19.45    Talks
17:30    Philip Schniter    Statistical Image Recovery: A Message-Passing Perspective
18:05    Dawn Woodard    Small-Feature Model-Based Image Segmentation
18:30    Jeffrey Morris    Functional Regression Methods for Biomedical Imaging Data
18:55    Timothy Johnson    Predicting Treatment Efficacy via Quantitative MRI: A Bayesian Joint Model
19:20    Sonja Greven    A Fully Bayesian Hierarchical Framework for Scalar-on-Image Regression
19.45 - 20.30    Deluxe posters and aperitif
Susan Wei    Asymptotic Inference for Integral Curves of Noisy Vector Fields
Valentina Masarotto    Bayesian Average SParsity
Frank Ong    Beyond Low Rank + Sparse: A Multi-scale Low Rank Decomposition
20.30 - 20.45    Best contribution awards
21.00 - 23.00    Workshop Dinner 3
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