Monday, January 19, 2015

Convex Cardinal Shape Composition (CCSC) - implementation -

Alireza just sent me the following
Hi Igor,

Here is a new work on sparse composition of shapes in a convex way:


Thanks Alireza !

Convex Cardinal Shape Composition by Alireza Aghasi, Justin Romberg

We propose a new shape-based modeling technique for applications in imaging problems. Given a collection of shape priors (a shape dictionary), we define our problem as choosing the right dictionary elements and geometrically composing them through basic set operations to characterize desired regions in an image. This is a combinatorial problem solving which requires an exhaustive search among a large number of possibilities. We propose a convex relaxation to the problem to make it computationally tractable. We take some major steps towards the analysis of the proposed convex program and characterizing its minimizers. Applications vary from shape-based characterization, object tracking, optical character recognition, and shape recovery in occlusion, to other disciplines such as the geometric packing problem.
An implementation is available on Alireza's code page.

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