Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New +Google changes

Over the past two days, I have noticed a new behavior with Google. First it now strips out keyword search for logged in users. Second, it switches this blog in a mobile view when being read from an iPad. 

The downsides:
  • I don't have a good view of the keywords used to land on this page. Both the stats counter on the blog and the Google analytics do not permit such information to be seen. 
  • the stats are not registered on the non-Google counters when the blog is read from a mobile device.  
Google has also decided to stop Adwords on feeds. 

On a different note, the communities on Google+ have been activated but one cannot invite but a few people at a time. There is a definitely something odd here. Also the current Google app for the iPad doesn't do communities. 
None of this matters but it highlights quite clearly that one would not want to be financially too dependent on the Blogger/Google platform.

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Unknown said...

FYI. I am able to access "Communities" with the Google+ app on my iPad by tapping the 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner. This opens a panel on the left with choices, including "Communities".

Igor said...

Thanks Leslie,

i must have an older version then.