Friday, December 07, 2012

Google+ and Reddit Experiments

Google+ decided to have communities so I started one on Compressive Sensing, Advanced Matrix Factorization and Randomized Linear Algebra, or any development susceptible to help deal with the current tsunami of data. The motto is " Defeating the Data Tsunami, one algorithm at a time".:The community is here and waiting for your Google+ items.
This is a community of people interested in Compressive Sensing, Advanced Matrix Factorization, Randomized Linear Algebra and any other means of defeating the curse of dimensionality. Theoreticians all the way to hardware hackers are welcome.
We are 14 now, bring your like minded friends along, who will be the first to post something there ? Leon started the Machine Learning community while Eric started the Signal Processing community.

Our Reddit Experiment started two months ago and we now have 60 readers (or subscribers of the subreddit). Still not much engagement as far as posting or commenting but some of the readers are beginning to provide some Karma points to some of the entries.

The subject area that are considered ok include compressive sensing in a broad sense as well as anything pertaining to advanced matrix factorization. We welcome your contributions. On a tablet, we like to watch it with scrolldit.

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