Sunday, December 16, 2012

#Python NMF/NTF with beta divergence

Antoine Liutkus let me know of the beta_ntf package in Python so that I would include it on the Matrix Factorization Jungle page. From the super beta_ntf 2000 page:

In a nutshell, the beta_ntf module
  • supports weighted parafac factorization of nonnegative numpy ndarray of arbitrary shape minimizing any β-divergence
  • fits in one small single .py file
  • requires numpy v1.6
You can check more details and download it here :

The NMF/NTF with beta divergence in Matlab is also available here.

Thanks Antoine !

If you, like Antoine think that a package needs to be added to the Advanced Matrix Factorization Jungle page, please do let me know, I'll be glad to add it. 

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