Monday, December 17, 2012

CSJobs: Research Scientist Job Openings and Student Internships on Sparsity and Compressed Sensing.

Mariappan Nadar just sent me the following:

Dear Igor, 
Thank you very much for the extensive efforts that you have put into creating and maintaining such an excellent blog on the topics of Compressed Sensing, Sparsity. I am a regular reader of the Nuit Blanche blog.
I was wondering if you could post in your blog our Research Scientist Job Openings and Student Internships on the topics of Sparsity and Compressed Sensing.
“The Imaging and Computer Vision team of Siemens Corporate Technology has immediate openings in Princeton, NJ for research scientists with focus on Large scale sparse optimizations, Compressed Sensing for applications in medical imaging. Interested candidates can obtain additional information and apply at the following site
(Search for the Job Opening with ID 117506).
Further, we are constantly looking for highly motivated students who would like to do student internships with us on these topics.”
Thank you very much!
Best Regards, 
Mariappan S. Nadar Ph.D.
Research Group Leader, 
Siemens Corporation
Corporate Technology
Imaging and Computer Vision Technology Field
755 College Road East
Princeton, New Jersey 08540, United States  
Thanks Mariappan !

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