Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Le Minotaure (Tu dois finir ta thèse), par Simon Berjeaut

When I first put this video on the blog (thanks to Laurent), it was with the belief that it would be viral in the french speaking PhD student population. The video has reached about 23,000 views so far and the singer, Simon Berjeaut, kindly contacted me to ask if I could direct the stream of viewers to his Youtube channel and his recording of the song. I am very happy to do that. Here it is:

I am sure the song would be a big hit if it were to be translated in English. The play on words would make that difficult for a word to word translation but the theme is pretty universal.

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1 comment:

Laurent DUVAL said...

PhD candidates of all (french speaking) countries, unite!

The lyrics for Simon Berjeaut's science hit song "Tu dois finir ta thèse (aka Le Minotaure)" are available for translation. Brainy rhymers, start writing