Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kinect Installation on a PC with Windows XP

A while back I installed the Kinect for use with my PC. There is a weatlh of information on the subject nowadays, but I listed are some of the things I did not see for my system: First of all, I used a Kinect from an XboX 360, meaning that in order to plug the Kinect to my PC, I needed a connector linking the USB-looking connector of the Kinect to a real USB connector. I found many on the interwebs. My system consisted of a PC with Windows XP SP3 / 32bit..

I initially followed all the steps of the very useful: How-to: Successfully Install Kinect on Windows (OpenNI and NITE) all the way to step 5. Ever since this was written certain things have changed at least for my system.

  • Step1: the site is really here ( https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect/downloads )
  • Step 2 to Step 4, all the components can be downloaded directly from here:
  • http://openni.org/Downloads/OpenNIModules.aspx
  • During the installation in Step 4 there was no need to provide a (free) PrimeSense key
  • Step 5: When plugging the USB connector, Windows tells you the driver is missing and wants to install them. They need to be installed by hand by telling Windows where to find the files: On my system they were at: C:\Program Files\PrimeSense\SensorKinect\Driver
  • This request to install drivers comes up three times sequentially, one for the Kinect motor, the Kinect Audio and one for the Kinect Camera. Every time Windows needs to be told to look at the same location for each driver (see above)
  • I did not go for step 6 or above as I am commanding Kinect from Processing.
  • Success was had as witnessed by the screenshot above.

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Anonymous said...

The second link is bad...

says files do not exist

Igor said...

You're right


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on installing Kinect for Windows, definitely helps a lot!