Monday, August 06, 2012

Postdoc: Application of Sparse Representation Theory to the Adaptive Control of Robot Arms

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In the meantime, Glen Henshaw sent me the following:
Hi Igor,

I'm looking for a postdoc - was hoping you could advertise it on Nuit Blanche. It's a 2-year position in the Space Robotics Lab of the Naval Center for Space Technology, which is part of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC. I'm looking for someone to help research the application of sparse representations to the adaptive control of robotic manipulators. 
   The position is to perform research into the application of sparse representation theory to the adaptive control of robot arms. The applicant must have a research background in compressive sensing, sparse approximation theory, and/or L1 norm optimization; knowledge of robotic kinematics, dynamics, and control is not absolutely required but is a big plus. The (recently awarded)  PhD should be in mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics, or possibly computer science or engineering, but in the latter case he/she must have a strong mathematics background that is clear from the CV. The applicant should also have a background in scientific computing, preferably with some experience in writing parallel MIMD or CUDA numerical code.
   The position is only open to US citizens and permanent residents. Applicants should identify in their first email whether they are US citizens or permanent residents, and if the latter, their country of citizenship. CVs can be forwarded to

Thanks Glen

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