Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nuit Blanche Mailbag

Here are a few e-mails I received recently:
Dear Igor,

Hope everything is going well.
I'm a MSc student in EE and my research interests include CS and video coding.
I am glad that I ever have a blog recommended in your Nuit Blanche, i.e., Summary of Block Compressed Sensing on Image ( .
Thank you very much for your contribution in CS community.
Recently, I just write a small tutorial blog for CS, in which I want to build a connections between papers of basic CS theory.
I would be really happy if you think it is helpful and recommend it in your next "Around the blogs".
Or if there is any error in it, (it may have because I'm not a professional but a first-year MSc student..), I would be glad that you point it out.
Thanks again for your great job!
Best Regards,
Thanks Hao, this is outstanding! I have put your blog on the Nuit Blanche blogroll (located on the right hand side) and it will be featured on Around the blogs series when it hinges on subject related to Nuit Blanche. Another reader sent me this:
Dear Igor, 
Thanks for sharing your blog entitled as "Applying alternating direction method of multipliers for constrained dictionary learning -implementation- "( ).
Could you send me the code and pdf via Email?
Many thanks.

It turns out I have sent an e-mail to the author and have still not received an answer. When I do I'll make a mention of it on the blog. Finally, a question that I am not relaying but I liked the introduction: 

Hello, I've discovered the GoDec algorithm through your website and am very pleased with it. It's a great way to separate movers from the background, and I enjoy your various posts showing different examples. The Lana Del Ray one was especially cool.[CAI: A Glimpse of Lana and Robust PCA ]...[question] .... Great blog, and keep up the good work.
Cable And I couldn't agree more, the Lana Del Ray example was indeed "especially cool" but sometimes, as we showed, Robust PCA needs additional work to get the result you want. 

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems
This image was taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3 (2012-08-09 05:55:09 UTC) . 

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