Monday, July 21, 2014

Video Stream: GraphLab Conference 2014

We mentioned it before, the GraphLab conference is on and it is streamed live hereThe program is here (the Twitter tag seems to be #GraphLabConf )

Day 1: Monday, July 21, 2014General Admission. Registration opens at 8:00am.Session 
1: Data Product Pipeline in Practice
  • 9:00am Prof. Carlos Guestrin Co-Founder & CEO, GraphLab Keynote: GraphLab Strategy, Vision and Practice
  • 10:10am Baldo Faieta Social Computing Lead, Adobe Systems Algorithms for Creatives Talent Search using GraphLab
  • 10:30am Amit Moran Chief Data Scientist, Crosswise Customer Spotlight: Crosswise
  • 10:40am Coffee Break (20 mins)
Session 2: Data Science
  • 11:00am Alice Zheng Director of Data Science, GraphLab Machine Learning Toolkits in GraphLab Create
  • 11:20am Karthik Ramachandran, Erick Tryzelaar Lab41 Dendrite large scale graph analytics
  • 11:40am Tao Ye Sr. Scientist, Pandora Internet Radio Large scale music recommendation @ Pandora
  • 12:00pm Prof. Alex Smola CMU and Google Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with the Parameter Server
  • 12:20pm Jonathan Dinu Co-Founder, Zipfian Academy Customer Spotlight: Zipfian Academy
  • 12:30pm Lunch (70 mins)
Session 3: Data Engineering
  • 1:40pm Yucheng Low Co-Founder & Chief Architect, GraphLab Scalable Data Structures: SFrame & SGraph
  • 2:00pm Prof. Joe Hellerstein Co-Founder & CEO, Trifacta Data, DSLs and Transformation: Research and Practice
  • 2:20pm Reynold Xin Co-Founder, Databricks Unified Data Pipeline in Apache Spark
  • 2:40pm Wes McKinney Founder & CEO, DataPad Fast Medium Data Analytics at Scale
  • 3:00pm Coffee Break (20 mins)
Session 4: Deployment
  • 3:20pm Rajat Arya Senior Software Engineer, GraphLab Deployment with GraphLab Create
  • 3:40pm Milind Bhandarkar Chief Scientist, Pivotal The Zoo Expands: Labrador ♥ Elephant thanks to Hamster
  • 4:00pm Prof. Vahab Mirrokni Google Research ASYMP: Fault-tolerant Graph Mining via ASYnchronous Message Passing
  • 4:20pm Josh Wills Director of Data Science, Cloudera What Comes After The Star Schema?
  • 4:40pm Dr. Markus Weimer Microsoft Research REEF: Towards a Big Data stdlib
  • Session 5: Networking and Demos (5:00-7:00pm)

Day 2: Tuesday, July 22, 2014Training Admission. Registration opens at 8:00am.
GraphLab Create Hands-on Training
The goal of the day is to teach participants how to build a machine learning system at scale from prototype to production using GraphLab Create. A laptop is required to participate.
  • 9:30am Alice Zheng Director of Data Science, GraphLab Introduction
  • 9:45am Yucheng Low Co-Founder & Chief Architect, GraphLab Prepping Data for Analysis: Using GraphLab Create Data Structures and GraphLab Canvas
  • 10:30am Coffee Break (15 mins)
  • 10:45am Srikrishna Sridhar Data Scientist, GraphLab Supervised Learning: Regression and Classification
  • 11:15am Brian Kent Data Scientist, GraphLab Unsupervised Learning: Clustering, Nearest Neighbors, Graph Analysis
  • 11:45am Hands-on Training Exercises and Lunch
  • 1:45pm Chris Dubois Data Scientist, GraphLab Recommender Systems and Text Analysis
  • 2:15pm Coffee Break (15 mins)
  • 2:30pm Rajat Arya Sr. Software Engineer, GraphLab Deployment
  • 3:15pm Hands-on Training Exercises
  • 4:00pm Danny Bickson Co-Founder & Data Scientist, GraphLab Practical Data Science Tips
  • 4:45pm Alice Zheng Director of Data Science, GraphLab Closing Remarks

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