Thursday, July 17, 2014

How To Cite Nuit Blanche and related pages

Since blogging and technical reference pages are somehow new to the scientific discourse, one sometimes wonders how Nuit Blanche and related pages should be cited. There used to be a way to say "Private conversation" or something similar, but following these guidelines here how it probably should be done in order to be consistent: 

* For a blog post that is entirely written by me please use the following for, say, a blog entry written on May 16, 2008:

Carron I. Nuit Blanche Blog [Internet]. Igor Carron, 2003 Nov - [cited 2008 May 16]. Available from:

Please note that if you are arriving on the blog from a country other than the US, the address will look like this if you are doing so from Switzerland:
Make sure to correct that address to
in the citation. 

* For blog entries written by somebody else (as a guest post for instance), please use the appropriate author(s) i.e.

Gemmeke J. Nuit Blanche Blog [Internet]. Igor Carron, 2003 Nov - [cited 2007 November 19]. Available from:

* For the Big Picture in Compressive Sensing, here is my take since those pages parallel wikis:

Compressive Sensing: The Big Picture [Internet]. Igor Carron, 2009. Available from:

similarly for the Advanced Matrix Factorization Jungle Page

The Advanced Matrix Factorization Page [Internet]. Igor Carron, 2011. Available from:
or the Compressive Sensing Hardware page:
The Compressive Sensing Hardware Page 
[Internet]. Igor Carron, 2008. Available from:

or the page that centralized most information about Learning Compressive Sensing 
Learning Compressive Sensing 
[Internet]. Igor Carron, 2013. Available from:

and finally the Reproducible Research page
The Reproducible Research Page in Compressive Sensing and Related Fields 
[Internet]. Igor Carron, 2013. Available from:

Using Google Scholar I was able to track a few papers that mention Nuit Blanche or my name in the acknowledgements or even as comments on the interweb on specific blogs, this is great ! Here they are:

T Strohmer - Signal Processing Letters, IEEE, 2012 -

S Foucart - 2009 -

L Wasserman -

J Kendall - 2010 -

LN Smith - SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, 2013 -

L JacquesP Vandergheynst - 2010 -

AG Rodríguez - 2012 -

Y Erlich, N Shental, A Amir, O Zuk - … , Control, and Computing, …, 2009 -

Z Zhang - 2012 -

S Chretien, S Darses - arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.5441, 2014 -

RM Gray - 2008 -

MB Schenkel - 2010 -

MM Vila Oliva - 2011 -

X Pan, EY SidkyM Vannier - Inverse problems, 2009 -

SA ImtiazA Casson, E Rodriguez-Villegas - 2014 -

Other acknowledgments I was not aware of: 

A Gelman, CR Shalizi - Oxford handbook of the philosophy of the …, 2012 -

M Ellis, C Kurwitz, F Best - ASME 2005 …, 2005 - …

PR Gill, C Lee, S Sivaramakrishnan… - Journal of …, 2012 -

O Endra, D Gunawan - Advances in Computing, Control and …, 2010 - 

J Dorning, W Greenberg, D Song… - Transport Theory and …, 2001 - Taylor & Francis

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