Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adaptive-Rate Compressive Sensing Using Side Information - implementation -

We provide two novel adaptive-rate compressive sensing (CS) strategies for sparse, time-varying signals using side information. Our first method utilizes extra cross-validation measurements, and the second one exploits extra low-resolution measurements. Unlike the majority of current CS techniques, we do not assume that we know an upper bound on the number of significant coefficients that comprise the images in the video sequence. Instead, we use the side information to predict the number of significant coefficients in the signal at the next time instant. For each image in the video sequence, our techniques specify a fixed number of spatially-multiplexed CS measurements to acquire, and adjust this quantity from image to image. Our strategies are developed in the specific context of background subtraction for surveillance video, and we experimentally validate the proposed methods on real video sequences.

The attendant code is on Garrett Warnell's project page.

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