Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slides: Summer School on Hashing: Theory and Applications, 2014

The webpage of the EADS Summer School on Hashing: Theory and Applications that took place on July 14-17, 2014 at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, now features the slides of the presentation made there:


Hashing is used everywhere in computing and is getting increasingly important with the exploding amount of data. The summer school will provide an in-depth introduction to hashing, both theory and applications. The topics range will from modern theory of hashing, to actual implementations of hash functions that are both efficient and provide the necessary probabilistic guarantees. Application areas will be studied, from sketching and data bases, to similarity estimation, and machine learning.

Rasmus Pagh
Dictionaries with implicit keys (July 15)
Michael Mitzenmacher
Bloom Filters and Such (July 14)
Cuckoo hashing and balanced allocations (July 15)
Mikkel Thorup
High speed hashing for integers and strings (July 14)
Reliable hashing for complex applications (July 15)
Graham Cormode

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