Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Morning Insight: Note By Note Cooking

Here is a small follow up to the Computational Cooking Sunday Morning Insight and related entries [1-3]. Note By Note Cooking is the set of techniques and algorithms behind building food. One of the main criticism of this approach is that it is merely a bunch of sauce. This is not the case. Note By Note Cooking aims at studying and making structurally stronger food (I started a meetup group in Paris on the subject). In the video below, Herve This shows his business card, i.e. an algorithm that can produce several structures for cooking. This is reflection of the paper featured in the last Sunday Morning Insight on the subject [3] (While the video is entertaining it is all in French though). Of note, here is a list of note by note cooking recipes performed by Pierre Gagnaire.

The video features Pierre Gagnaire, three stars on the Guide Michelin, and Hervé This.

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