Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Post Publication Peer Review of "Imaging With Nature: Compressive Imaging Using a Multiply Scattering Medium"

On our project page, ( I have left several avenues for providing some feedback on our paper. Imaging With Nature: A Universal Analog Compressive Imager Using a Multiply Scattering Medium. I am contemplating writing a paper on TheWinnower on the various pre-publication peer reviews we received. Stay tuned. In the meantime, from the project page:

5. The Discussions and Post Publication Peer Reviews

There are multiples ways to provide a view on this work:

If you want to remain anonymous and provide an input on this publication, use 1 through 3 or 4 (with a throwaway account) or 5 with an anonymous name. There is the possibility that in solution 4 through 6, your input might get deleted because of 
Related discussions on Nuit Blanche (one of the co-author, Igor Carron, is editor of Nuit Blanche )

credit SOHO; ESA and NASA

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