Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slides and Video: Paris Machine Learning Meetup #10: Dolphin Communications, Big Data, ConvNets and Quantum Computers

Last night, we had a blast with four different presentations at the Paris Machine Learning Meetup #10

Brenda McCowan talked to us about the very difficult problem of making sense of something for which we basically don't know anything, unsupervised learning at its hardest.  Philippe Nieuwbourg provided a bird's eye view of what Big Data entailed with several examples that included fashion among other. Gabriel Synnaeve described ConvNets and  a cool demo of a 30 frame per second classification algo (OverFeat) and finally Guillaume Palacios described to us how the D-Wave computer might be something of interest beyond PR. Thank you to the speakers for the four thought-provoking presentations.  Thank you also to the sponsors and partners, namely: TheFamily, HopWork and DojoCrea/DojoEvents.

More detailed comments will come later in the blog, here are the four presentations slides in English:
The video features the four presentations with the attendant Q&As (the first one is in English, the other three in French).

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