Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3000th post. Wow !

So, this is the 3000th published post. wow! While there is nothing magic about this number, here is some perspective: it's about ten times 300 posts, or roughly the equivalent of 10 years of constant weekly posting and then some week-ends. I went from being ignorant about many things to having the blog mentioned in different quarters of the academic world. Let's not forget that one of the realities of the relative success of Nuit Blanche stems from the broken publishing model. On top of not providing quality peer review, the publishing cycle only allows relentless (most have no choice but being relentless) authors to be published. Using the Google, some of my own spidering processes and more recently ArXiv, Nuit Blanche features ideas and authors, two to three years ahead of the publishing cycle. Anybody who wants to have a headstart and be productive is bound to use it as one of its source of information. Without getting into the detail of it, the blog has followed the maturation of a field. There is yet so much to see since the blog follows the unfolding of the different crafts involved in sensing and making sense of what is sensed. That story keeps on giving. You want to show your appreciation ? Don't hesitate to provide a recommendation on LinkedIn under my profile. Seven other readers have done so in the past. By adding one, you are sending a signal that this type of academic blogging is serious and highly relevant while at the same time bringing clarity. When being asked outside of this community about Nuit Blanche, I find it difficult to articulate how relevant it is. Your recommendations are sending this louder signal that it is relevant. 

In the meantime, here are some links that have blossomed here over the past fast few years.
  • CS (1870): All blog entries related to compressive sensing
  • MF (293): All blog entries related to advanced matrix factorizations
  • implementation (234): All blog entries related to an implementation made available by their authors
  • CSHardware (80): All blog entries related to compressive sensing hardware and sensors.
  • CSjobs (69): All blog entries related to compressive sensing related jobs.
  • SundayMorningInsight (37): All blog entries featuring some Sunday Morning Reviews of something that has to be said :-)
  • ML (54): All blog entries related to Machine Learning
  • Csstats (22): All blog entries related to the blog entries featuring statistique on the coming and goings on this site.
The blog has more than +122 Google+1s

Several groups have emerged

But also several reference pages: 

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Skm said...

Congratulations Igor! I have found this blog to be an invaluable resource. Thanks for all your work on this! - Sunil