Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nuit Blanche in Review (April 2014)

What a month it has been since last March! First, we have lost a unique individual (Seth Roberts). We also witnessed the breakout of convnets (here and here), while being made aware of the intricacies of decyphering Dolphin communications. The Sunday Morning Insight entry entitled "Why You Should Care About Phase Transitions in Clustering" received more than +37 Google points, a record, while the list You are not paying attention if... generated about +6 Google points. We also saw several interesting sets of convergences
we also saw how random projections are slowly permeating into several avenues
I also mentioned a thing or two about the sociology of blogging (What Could Possibly Go Wrong ? Peer-Review, Trolls, Data Breaches) while reaching 3000th published  posts. We also had about 15 implementations released by their respective authors, another record I think. Finally, we also had Another Sighting of Citing Nuit Blanche. Enjoy !


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