Friday, March 14, 2014

Videos of the 1st Zurich Machine Learning Meetup

Martin Jaggi, a reader of Nuit Blanche, has started a Machine Learning Meetup in Zurich. He just sent me the following:

Hi Igor 
Hope you guys had a great Paris meetup on Wednesday evening [Igor: Yes]. Finally we have the mastered versions of the videos of the first Swiss meetup on YouTube, and some details about the next one also. have a nice weekend!


Here are the videos of the presentations from our first meetup. Enjoy and please share!
We will already have the next event quite soon, on March 27th (again at ETH).
Please RSVP on the meetup website to get the latest updates. Excerpts from this month's top secret program: a hot Zurich based startup demonstrating computer vision for automatic video analysis, a brand new study of text sentiment analysis tools, and more to come...
Outstanding! If now the Berlin and London groups were to do the same, it would be even more outstanding.

Here are the videos:

 Deep Learning, Jürgen Schmidhuber, Director of the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA.

Exploiting Similiarity to Adaptively Optimize Recommendations from User Feedback by Hasta Vanchinathan

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