Monday, March 24, 2014

Video (in French): Making Sense of IoT Data ( Paris IoT#5 Meetup )

Last week, I gave a presentation on Making Sense of Internet of Things (IoT) data, here is the slide (see below) I added after the talk. This new slide makes it clear that the sharing is central for IoT to become more than just a collection of useful gadgets. The story shows three examples:

More prosaically, if you can predict the future and have seen this video on how fat is excreted from one's body, you know that the weight scaling business will be disrupted by (probably compressive) cheap hyperspectral cameras (probably also using NMF) that can analyze your CO2 output over time. Instead of punitive weighing, data collection on your breathing will provide a continuous flow of information from which one will certainly be able to iterate in real time. Here is the video (in French)

Here is the video in French. The presentation is here.

Meetup - IOT Paris n°5 - Igor Carron par agence-enero

The other presentations of the meetup here.

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