Friday, March 07, 2014

Videos: NIPS 2013 Frank-Wolfe and Greedy Algorithms

 Introduction to the Workshop
Ben Recht - The Algorithmic Frontiers of Atomic Norm Minimization - invited talk  
 Francis Bach - Conditional Gradients Everywhere - invited talk  
 Katya Scheinberg - Complexity of Inexact Proximal Newton Methods 
 Shai Shalev-Schwartz - Efficiently Training Sum-Product Neural Networks - invited talk
Paul Grigas - New Analysis and Results for the Conditional Gradient Method 
 Nikhil Rao - Conditional Gradient with Enhancement and Truncation for Atomic Norm Regularization 
 Jacob Steinhardt - A Greedy Framework for First-Order Optimization 
 Vamsi K. Potluru - Coordinate Descent for mixed-norm NMF
 Simon Lacoste-Julien - An Affine Invariant Linear Convergence Analysis for Frank-Wolfe Algorithms 
 David Belanger - Marginal Inference in MRFs using Frank-Wolfe
Ali Ghodsi - A Fast Greedy Algorithm for Generalized Column Subset Selection 
 Robert M. Freund - Remarks on Frank-Wolfe and Structural Friends - invited talk

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