Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LRRSC : Subspace Clustering by Exploiting a Low-Rank Representation with a Symmetric Constraint - implementation -

Here some new clustering algorithm added to the Advanced Matrix Factorization Jungle page

In this paper, we propose a low-rank representation with symmetric constraint (LRRSC) method for robust subspace clustering. Given a collection of data points approximately drawn from multiple subspaces, the proposed technique can simultaneously recover the dimension and members of each subspace. LRRSC extends the original low-rank representation algorithm by integrating a symmetric constraint into the low-rankness property of high-dimensional data representation. The symmetric low-rank representation, which preserves the subspace structures of high-dimensional data, guarantees weight consistency for each pair of data points so that highly correlated data points of subspaces are represented together. Moreover, it can be efficiently calculated by solving a convex optimization problem. We provide a rigorous proof for minimizing the nuclear-norm regularized least square problem with a symmetric constraint. The affinity matrix for spectral clustering can be obtained by further exploiting the angular information of the principal directions of the symmetric low-rank representation. This is a critical step towards evaluating the memberships between data points. Experimental results on benchmark databases demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of LRRSC compared with several state-of-the-art subspace clustering algorithms.

Codes and Datasets are here.

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