Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dictionary Learning in Games

Thanks to a tweet by Robin Green
I learned that Manny's slides for this year's Game Developer's Conference were out. Manny uses a specific matrix factorization (dictionary learning) for the decomposition of the cloth movement in animated movie characters (check Skinnned cloth). Back in 1995-96, Texas A&M had started the Student Research Week and I had been asked to be a judge or something. I specifically recall mentioning to Richard DeVaul (now at Google X) that his poster featuring a technique for speeding up the computations of the cloth/draping in visualization looked very much like an instance of the Fast Multipole Method (FMM). Fast forward to now, FMM is really an instance of matrix (kernel) factorization that takes a kernel that is a function of x and x' as a series of products of one function of x and another function of x' and does so with specific constraints in the decomposition (based on distance the expansion is different). Wow. Here are the slides:


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