Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brains are Low Rank Solvers (in part)

I learned about Daniel Wolpert from this cover in Nature

I am sure there is an entire field of sports analytics that is already quantifying the prior of each and every players using techniques such as this low rank decomposition featured in Tennis Players are Sparse !

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Kevembuangga said...

Methinks that this whole "rational approach" is doomed, because, quoting Nick Szabo:
"Evolution has no needs for understanding, so there is no good reason to expect understandable abstraction layers in the human brain."

Kevembuangga said...

The "right" answer will probably be along the lines of Attractors All the Way Up: Metastability, Rostrocaudal Hierarchies, and Synaptic Facilitation
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Igor said...


Thanks for the good feedback.