Monday, November 21, 2011

ASPICS: Applying Statistical Physics to Inference in Compressed Sensing

You probably recall ([1][2][3]) the paper entitled Statistical physics-based reconstruction in compressed sensing by Florent Krzakala, Marc Mézard, François Sausset,Yifan Sun, Lenka Zdeborová, a paper which promises to go beyond the Donoho-Tanner phase transition (provided some caveats).. Well  Florent Krzakala just sent me an email announcing the release of an implementation of their solver: ASPICS: Applying Statistical Physics to Inference in Compressed Sensing. A C++ and Python implementation of the solver is available here

For a short presentation, here are Marc Mezard's slides entitled Statistical physics approach to compressed sensing.

In the same way Jared Tanner's group provides a matlab file for the diverse Donoho-Tanner transitionsFlorent's group also provides a similar text file for the Spinodal limit attained by the Belief Propagation algorithms. This limit is then passed over thanks to the use of the so-called seeded measurement matrixces explained in the paper.

Without the seeded matrices, the solver, seems to have similar performances as Jeremy Vila and Phil Schniter's EM-BG-AMP algorithm (see [3]) that I recently featured. Now that the codes are out, it shouldn't be hard to see how differently they behave, if they do.

I will add the code to the reconstruction section of the Big Picture in Compressive Sensing

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