Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Around the blogs in 80 hours, Compressive Sensing and Matrix Factorization Edition

I have updated my profile on LinkedIn to reflect some of my activities on Nuit Blanche. I just realized it means you can provide some recommendations based your experience reading this blog.

Felix Krahmer let me know of a scholarship for PhD position in Germany. It is here.

For the project
Random matrices for frame constructions as part of the Research Training Group 1023
Identification in mathematical models:
Synergy of stochastic and numerical methods,
a scholarship for a
PhD student
will be available at the Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics at the University of Gottingen from February 1, 2012 (the exact date is flexible). The project will combine mathematical signal processing and random matrix theory. The candidate should have sound knowledge in at least one of the areas probability theory, signal processing, machine learning or approximation theory and should be interested in probabilistic methods for application oriented mathematical problems. At the time of hiring, she/he should have completed a Master's degree or equivalent in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering or related fields. Individuals with disabilities with equivalent qualification will be considered with priority. The University of Gottingen is an equal opportunity employer; qualified female individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. Applications and further questions should be addressed to Felix Krahmer (currently University of Bonn, from February, 2012, Junior professor in Gottingen) via e-mail
Further information about the Research Training Group can be found on
The hiring procedure will not start before November 15, 2011. Applications will be accepted beyond this date until the position has been filled.

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Thong Do said...

I just sent you my recommendation about the blog on Linkedin.

Igor said...

Thank you Thong.