Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seeking hosts for the next SPARS'15 meeting.

Jalal Fadili sent me the following:

Dear Igor,
In the follow-up of SPARS'13, the SPARS Steering Committee is looking for hosts for the next SPARS meeting.
Would you mind relaying this message again on Nuit Blanche ? Please note that the deadline has been extended to mid-October.
All the best.
Thanks Jalal. Sure, here is the announcement is: 

Dear colleagues,

In the follow-up of the workshop SPARS'13 on Signal Processing with Adaptive/Sparse Representations, the SPARS Steering Committee is looking for hosts for the following SPARS meeting.
The SPARS workshop is expected to run about each 24 months, so the next workshop would most likely be held mid 2015.
(As a past host myself, I know that this is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to make a major contribution to the community!)
If you and/or colleagues would like to host the next workshop, or think this sounds interesting and would like to know more, please send a brief email as an "Expression of Interest" to the new chair of the SPARS Steering Committee, Jalal Fadili <Jalal.Fadili@ensicaen.fr>.
Full details are not required at this stage, but as much of the following information (if known) would be helpful:
* Proposed location / venue
* Names of organizers
* Suggested dates
* Funding strategy
* Other information if available (accommodation options, travel, costs, other special features)
Please send any initial "expressions of interest" by email to Jalal Fadili <Jalal.Fadili@ensicaen.fr> by October 15.

The SPARS Steering Committee will then discuss these expressions of interest and we will get back to you.
In the meantime, if you have any queries, please let me know.
Best wishes,
Rémi Gribonval.
Note: the Steering Committee will take the following elements into particular consideration when assessing propositions:
* Format: SPARS is aimed to be a "human size" workshop: not more than 200 participants, one or at most two parallel tracks, and ample time for discussions.
* Student-friendliness: support to students, e.g., through reduced fee and/or travel grants, is expected.
* Abstract 'only': SPARS is primarily intended to be a forum for exchanges at the frontier between applied math and electrical engineering. To accommodate the different publishing cultures of these communities, SPARS13 only requested a mandatory 1-page abstract, but full papers were not required. The organizers of the next edition are free to consider optional proceedings for authors who would wish to provide an extended paper.
* Funding: Bidders should show that they can provide / have applied for a grant to support the organization of the event.
* Accessibility & affordability: ease of access and affordability may be preferred to fancy locations.
* Timing: time conflicts with other sparsity related workshops such as SaMPTA, SPIE Wavelets&Sparsity, etc. should be avoided if possible.
Professor in Image and Signal Processing. 
Directeur du GDR MIA |https://fadili.users.greyc.fr/mia/ 
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen 
6, Bd Marechal Juin, 
14050 Caen Cedex France. 

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