Tuesday, September 03, 2013

PYKSVD : A highly optimized, parallel implementation of the Batch-OMP version of the KSVD learning algorithm - implementation -

On LinkedIn, Ryan Kappedal mentioned the following:
My friend Hoyt created this implementation. It is made to make use of multiple processors. We would love to hear some feedback.

Thanks Ryan for the heads-up and  Hoyt for the implementation! From the GitHub page:

A highly optimized, parallel implementation of the Batch-OMP version of the KSVD learning algorithm. It implements the algorithm in the paper
Efficient Implementation of the K-SVD Algorithm and the Batch-OMP Method by Ron Rubinstein, Michael Zibulevsky and Michael Elad, 2009.
available from
The computation is done in highly optimized C++ code with OpenMP implementations for multicore archetectures.
It currently requires Eigen and g++ >= 4.6 to compile. Setup is done using the standard
python setup.py install
method. License is BSD.

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manny said...

I took a quick look at ksvd.h and it appears to be using a full eigen solve for the dictionary update step. The original paper (as well as my own implementation) use a single step of the iterative largest eigen vector method. This can have a great impact on the speed.

Cudos to Hoyt for providing a nice implementation of BatchOMP.

Unknown said...

Many thanks to Christoph Gohlke for providing the compiled binaries for windows !