Thursday, September 05, 2013

Around the blogs in 78 Summer hours: Big Data boot camp" at the Simons Institute and more...

The "Big Data boot camp" at the Simons Institute (part of the Big Data program this Fall) has gathered an impressive number of interesting people and no less than three bloggers are telling us what they saw there in the first day:
Hopefully the videos will be stored somewhere for nonlive viewing in the future. Earlier, Sebastien also provided a summary of Random-Approx 2013

In other news, I note from Vladimir the use of Memristors and the turn over at Lytro and lot of interesting topics by others as well:

Bob Deconstructing statistical questions and vacuous papers
Mark What does the “OSS” in MLOSS mean?

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Anonymous said...

all videos recordings of the bootcamp lectures so far are currently available at

they will soon been added to the official workshop website as well, which is