Monday, September 09, 2013

CSjob: Senior Lecturer, Victoria University, New Zealand.

J.P. Lewis just sent me the following: 

This call does not specifically request someone in the CS or related areas, however I expect that someone in these areas might be highly considered.
Thanks J.P. !  here is the announcement:

This is a challenging new opportunity within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research to develop a programme in engineering mathematics and be part of a leading research group in the mathematical sciences.

The role will include delivery of teaching, in conjunction with the School of Engineering and Computer Science, to the Engineering programme, and will require innovative thinking and a flair for motivation of engineering students.

The appointee should have:
* A PhD in the mathematical sciences, engineering or a closely related field
* Post-doctoral experience as a researcher or lecturer in an applied area of the mathematical sciences.
* An understanding of and proven ability in teaching mathematics to students of engineering or another field requiring application of mathematical sciences.
* A good working knowledge of Matlab or Python, Maple or Mathematica.
* Proven research ability, including publication in international refereed journals.

Familiarity with a branch of engineering related to the specialisations in the engineering programme at Victoria - electronics, computer systems, networks, software, mechatronics, signal processing or in computer vision and graphics - would be an advantage

Victoria University is located in Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is rated among the world's top-20 cities in terms of quality of life.

Victoria University was rated first in the national research ranking this year.

Senior Lecturer is equivalent to the North American Assoc. professor rank.

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