Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Around the blogs in 78 Summer hours: Dina Katabi Mac Arthur Fellow, Big Data at the Simons Institute and more ....

Mac Arthur fellows are out and one of the winner is Dina Katabi whom we have mentioned here on her work on sFFT see recently some use of it in this entry (Slides of the Workshop on Sparse Fourier Transform Etc.) and using wifi signal to see through walls (she was mentioned on Nuit Blanche as early as 2008). Congratulations Dina !

In a different direction, since the last Around the blogs in 78 Summer hours: Big Data boot camp" at the Simons Institute and more...we have had several bloggers continuing their description of their experience at the Simons Insititute at Berkeley, among them we had:

Andrew: Is it a blog? Or is it epsilon-far from being a blog?
who mentioned
and Moritz\

Josh: Falcon UAV Air Support in Colorado

and on Nuit Blanche:

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