Thursday, July 11, 2013

ICDM Astroinformatics Workshop 2013

Jason McEwen just sent me the following:

Hi Igor,

I'm on the program committee for the upcoming Astroinformatics Workshop at ICDM 2013, which your readers may be interested in. The workshop should be a great mix of signal processing, computer science, statistics and applications to problems in astrophysics. Further info below.

Would you mind publicising the workshop on Nuit Blanche?
No, I would not mind Jason. Here it is:

ICDM Astroinformatics Workshop 2013 

December 7, 2013 - Dallas, TX, USA 


Astroinformatics is a recent interdisciplinary field of science that applies modern computational tools to the solution of astronomical problems. The field was born in response to the rapid growth of data volumes corresponding to a variety of sky surveys. Data repositories have gone from gigabytes into terabytes, and we expect those repositories to reach the terabytes in the coming years. An important area in astroinformatics is the application of data mining tools for analysis of large astronomical repositories and surveys. Key issues involve not only an efficient management of data resources, but also the design of new conceptual tools that efficiently address the nature of astronomical data. Astroinformatics intersects with a variety of research areas such as data organization, data description, astronomical classification taxonomies, data mining, machine learning, visualization, and astrostatistics. 

Call for Papers 

Submissions are invited on all aspects of astroinformatics. Submissions should present innovative ideas that add to the existing set of tools available to the astronomical and computational community. 

Papers will be evaluated based on quality, degree of contribution to the astronomical community, originality, and clarity. 

Important Dates 

August 3, 2013: Due date for full workshop papers 

September 24, 2013: Notification of paper acceptance to authors 

October 15, 2013: Camera-ready deadline for accepted papers 

December 7, 2013: Workshop date

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