Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome back to the Jungle

Derin Babacan sent me the following:

Hello Igor,
Hope everything is well with you. 
A researcher contacted me looking for the code for our paper "Sparse Bayesian Methods for Low-Rank Matrix Estimation". Apparently he could not find it in your matrix factorization jungle page. I remember that you featured it in Nuit Blanche. Can you please add it to the jungle page as well? 
Here is the info again:
The first time this algorithm was featured was in June of last year[1], I forgot to add it and then Derin graduated. The institution with which he graduated removed the page altogether. Several lessons can be learned out of this situation. As a student, postdoc, if you are building a webpage, you are building a brand (yours), why would would let that brand be hostage to future departemental IT decisions ? You can use your university owned page to build an external page and then jump out of that one when you leave that institution. Second, if you have an implementation of an advanced Matrix Factorization, please remind me kindly that it ought to be listed on the Matrix Factorization Jungle page (same goes the Big Picture in Compressive Sensing). Third  if you happen to change webpages for specific solvers, please let me know and I'll update accordingly.

[1] Sparse Bayesian Methods for Low-Rank Matrix Estimation and Bayesian Group-Sparse Modeling and Variational Inference - implementation -

Credit: Wikipedia

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