Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Around the blogs in 80 summer hours

Here is a new Around the blogs in 80 summer hours for the beginning of the year. I have listed the entries on Nuit Blanche that came out since the last installment at the end of this entry. 

We crossed over the 500 mark for the Matrix Factorization group on Linkedin with 503 members. We now also have 1969 members for the Compressive Sensing group and 181 members on the Google+ community. Nuit Blanche enjoys 68 Google+1's so far and featured 488 entries in 2012 !

A while back I wondered about the feedback mechanism for retracted papers and how to stop them from being used as references in the future. Looks like Retraction Watch has something on the subject:

Of note, it looks as though Federal Register notices are now hooked up to Medline, which means that any paper mentioned in an ORI report — as this one is — will have a “Findings of research misconduct” link on the Medline abstract. We like this, needless to say.
Thomas pointed me to this new publishing platform on F1000Research. Looking at what is going on with the Science Fraud site, I remain convinced that a post peer review process is the best.

Giuseppe asked a question on MathOverflow: Approximating a subspace by sampling a base without replacement

On the blog front per se, we have:

Various consequences
Since the last Around the blogs in 80 summer hoursNuit Blanche featured:

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