Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three-dimensional ghost imaging ladar

Looks like we have an improvement over A 2cm resolution at 1km range Ghost Imaging LIDAR, a 3rd dimension. I note that they have not yet used the compressive sensing approach to reduce further the number of measurements. It would be very handy since the TV minimization would be ideal for that purpose. I am sure this is a just a question of time.

Compared with two-dimensional imaging, three-dimensional imaging is much more advantageous to catch the characteristic information of the target for remote sensing. We report a range-resolving ghost imaging ladar system together with the experimental demonstration of three-dimensional remote sensing with a large field of view. The experiments show that, by measuring the correlation function of intensity fluctuations between two light fields, a three-dimensional map at about 1.0 km range with 25 cm resolution in lateral direction and 60 cm resolution in axial direction has been achieved by time-resolved measurements of the reflection signals.

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