Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Correspondence Differential Ghost Imaging

Another day. another compressive imaging instance:

Correspondence Differential Ghost Imaging by Ming-Fei Li, Yu-Ran Zhang, Kai-Hong LuoLing-An Wuand Heng Fan. The abstract reads:

Experimental data with digital masks and a theoretical analysis are presented for a nonlocal imaging scheme that we name correspondence differential ghost imaging (CDGI). It is shown that by conditional averaging of the information from the reference detector but with the negative signals inverted, the quality of the reconstructed images is, in general, superior to all other ghost imaging (GI) methods to date. The advantages of both differential GI and correspondence GI are combined, plus less data and shorter computation time are required to obtain equivalent quality images under the same conditions. This CDGI method offers a general approach applicable to all GI techniques, especially when objects with continuous gray tones are involved.

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