Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blogging in spite of Google Blogger

While Blogger has many good things for it, it keeps on pushing new features that are a pain to deal with:

  • It used to be feasible to correct a post from an iPad, no more.
  • It used to be feasible to correct a post when outside of the US while being on the blog, no more. Now if you blog outside of the US, Google automatically change your address from to if you are in Germany thereby disabling your ability to directly correct your entry (you have to go through the Blogger dashboard even though you are already connected in your Google account)
  • It used to be you could search for blog entries, no more. Google spider also spiders the elements featured in the layout and attendant gadgets, including the title of other blogs and other blog entries. In effect, one blog entry gets to be listed several times in the Google search. It's a pain to the point of Google the search engine not being useful.
  • When searching for a blog entry inside the dashboard (since the outside search is broken), the results are always listed from the oldest to the newer. There is no way to invert that sorting. It's a pain.

Several of these items concern search, an item Google is known to excel in, this is so baffling on so many levels.

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Kevembuangga said...

Alas, it's about time to get away from all things "Google"...